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Lost Fairytale Sermons of a Werewolf UNDER THUMB (Paperback)

Lost Fairytale Sermons of a Werewolf UNDER THUMB Cover Image
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Can hope be found in the darkest places Is hell a hole no soul can flee Does the realm of Jove surpass where space is In the magic kingdoms of you and me _ Can the stuff of dreams defeat our real foe Is Heaven merely a wish where all wishes go Does not the myth of Truth render facts in lies dumb In demons reborn for glory _ The mercy of God keeps us all Under Thumb Welcome dear readers to the world of Kannon Have you ever wondered what would happen if villains could turn into heroes? Or if old nightmares shed their scales and fought to save endangered dreams? Such is the tale of "Under Thumb." Soaked in action, monsters, and magic... the wit and humor of this fairy tale is riddled in poetry worthy of a minstrel. Take care not to get lost as each page leads you down unknown labyrinths that only a werewolf could have crafted. If you seek a new kind of adventure with rich characters and an author who howls out lectures on forgotten values... then this is the book for you. J.D. Seirov is a werewolf who has set his teeth into telling stories. He loves to illustrate and enjoys eating little goats. He currently resides in the cave on the mountain behind the carpenter's house.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781662804700
ISBN-10: 1662804709
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 17th, 2021
Pages: 394
Language: English